Hairstyles for Different Occasions

hairstyles for different occasions

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A lot of times, you just want to let your hair down and keep it simple, especially if you’re staying at home. After all, who wants to go through the effort of doing their hair if they’re just planning on lazing around all day?

If you’re going out though, or going out to attend a special event, having different hairstyles for different occasions up your sleeves is always the way to go. You don’t want to spend the entire night looking out of place for the wrong reasons, do you? Of course not!

Why Hairstyles for Different Events Matter

hairstyles for different occasions

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Okay, so you are reading through glossy magazines, looking up tips online for the latest trends and bringing out your expensive hairstyling kit. In the process, it occurs to you that you don’t even know why you’re bothering with this.

Why is it so important to know certain hairstyles for different occasions for when there’s a party or an office function?

Well, here are a few reasons:

  • hairstyles for different occasions

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    Making a great first impression – If you are attending professional occasions where you can give your career a huge boost by meeting certain people, you want to make sure that you have the greatest chance possible to make a great first impression. Having the kind of hairstyle that says you’re a professional but also artistic will be very helpful in this regard.

  • Looking respectable – As a particular advantage of knowing different hairstyles for different occasions, you can instantly garner respect when you enter a room with a smashing fashion set. This will then set the tone for the entire experience, whether it’s the looks you get or the treatment that you get from the people you talk to.
  • Respect for the occasion – When attending raves, it almost doesn’t matter what kind of hairstyle you have. When attending a fancy dinner party, it’s important to have the kind of hairstyle that reflects the quality of the occasion.
  • hairstyles for different occasions

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    Blending in or standing out – Depending on what you want, your hairstyle will allow you to shine or to be another face in the crowd.

  • Earning admiration – Let’s face it, having people crooning at how good we look makes us feel incredibly flattered. It might be one of the least or one of the biggest reasons for learning hairstyles for different occasions. That depends on your point of view.

Get Enough Sleep, You Need It, Unless You’re Already Dead

get enough sleep

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Sleeping is the best way to end the day.  You owe it to yourself to rest and recharge your body and mind after a long day. Studies show that you need around 6-8 hours of sleep to fully recuperate, but keep in minds there’s still no magic number. Don’t let your tired body get all fed up because you’re not a robot, or much less a vampire for that matter. However much you see it, sleeping is good for you. Tried and tested.

It’s All About (Regretting) Life Choices

Don’t you just hate how you remember all the times you should’ve get enough sleep at an ungodly hour? Like the times you skip all those nap hours when you were little? Yes, those afternoon naps your mom always put you to, but you end up ditching to play with the other kids, or simply just do away with because you have all the energy in the world and sleep isn’t your top most priority. Isn’t it remarkably heartbreaking to think about it in the middle of the night when everybody’s dozed off and you lay there wide awake? 

Think It Over, Don’t Overthink 

Given that your brain reacts to certain stimuli, it is best for you to make use of that knowledge to your advantage. Studies show that people who reserve the bed only for sleep and sex get enough sleep and wakes up happy. This is because you tell your brain that your bed is a stress free abode where you can sleep in peace and not do any work related kind of errands whatsoever. Well the only work you will allow is, you know, working it with your love.

Think and Think Until You Drift

get enough sleep

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Some people have a habit of playing or making up scenes in their heads before going to bed. This habit is not entirely non-sense; some people actually get enough sleep by doing this. Others also claim to have rested well when there’s music playing in the background. Experts say that once you close your eyes in a dark room, it takes an estimate of 7 minutes for you to finally drift off to Snooze Ville. Either way, getting enough sleep still depends on you and your sleeping habits, these are just suggestions you might want to try on.

Don’t Risk It

get enough sleep

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Try your best to get enough sleep even if it’s hard. Because sleeping gives time for our bodies to replenish damaged and tired cells. Studies from Annals of Epidemiology show that people who sleep for less than six hours each day are three times more prone to incident-impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG), type two diabetes, cardiac arrests, strokes and other chronic and neurological diseases. So suck it up and get enough sleep, or die trying. Just kidding!

In conclusion, as long as you’re still human and not a robot or a vampire, you still have needs to fulfill in order to stay alive and kicking, like getting enough sleep. Until you turn into a super human or get infected, you might want to start a habit of sleeping in and just enjoy the warm pleasure that is your bed.


Life Hacks: How Removing MakeUp Before Going To Bed Improves Your Life

removing makeup

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Getting drunk on a Thursday night with Finals in the morning is just like drifting off without removing makeup before bed. It’s nasty and you’ll regret it in the morning.

Leaving make up on doesn’t make you any prettier, just dirtier. Like any other game, your makeup game should end as the day is over. This doesn’t make you any less pretty, if you come to think of it. How can you level up your game when your skin is dry and dirty in the morning just because of a little thing you forgot to do?

removing makeup

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The 2 Minute Habit

Procrastination is good but hey, let’s face it if only you can make time to do all the necessary stuff in two minutes, you’d save a lot more than your time and effort.  It takes five minutes to remember stuff you need to do, to be exact.

Make it a habit of removing makeup before bed, wash up and brush your teeth. Hygiene is very important, you know. Don’t even get me started on the number of minutes it’ll take to wash those stains off the sheets.

13 going on 30 

This may sound cute but it’s not. Admit it or not, there is always the 13-year old girl stuck in a 30-year old body, but do you really have to see the difference? I guess not. Removing makeup before bed helps you fight premature ageing along with other skin irritation that may lead to an infection.

Quick Facts Every Girl Need To Know 

Not removing makeup before bed may lead to premature death. Nah, just kidding. Now that I’ve gotten your attention, read on. This may save your life and your future dates as you know it.

  • Washing your face can save you a lot on night cream purchases in the future. Let your skin breathe and let natural exfoliating process do its work.
  • Always keep makeup remover wipes handy beside your bed in case you’re really dead tired and cannot go wash yourself
  • Chemicals in eye makeup are strong and if you leave it on and you happen to rub your eyes, may cause your eyes to burn with irritation, allergic reaction and even lead to an infection

How To Properly Wash Your Face For Dummies

    1.  Wash your hands and Eye Makeup first. Don’t spread the dirt, this is a common mistake.
    2. Wet your face and pour an ample amount of cleanser into your hands
    3. Use your fingertips to massage your skin in circular motion for 30-60 seconds
removing makeup

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  1. Rinse your face, neck, and hands and then wipe your face with a clean cloth
  2. Finish off with a quick splash of cold water to close your pores and then wipe your face with a clean towel

Keeping your skin young and beautiful is easier than you thought. Just don’t forget that removing your make up before bed is the first step. 

From Basic to Professional Do’s and Don’ts of Eyebrow Contouring

eyebrow contouring

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Have you ever seen a before picture of a face with unruly eyebrows and its after picture with perfectly contoured eyebrows? You will be amazed.

It is such a wonder how makeup artists are able to determine the great difference before and after they have done eyebrow contouring. This simple plucking and arranging of eyebrows can turn a plain Jane into a Keira Knightly in an instant.

If you all have noticed, eyebrow contouring is something that has always been done even in the past. Remember Sophia Loren’s perfectly arched Hollywood eyebrows? However, there also came a time when people just started over plucking their eyebrows into a one-liner.

Today, the “Hollywood eyebrow” also known as the strong eyebrow is back and we want to let you in on some basic and professional hacks on how to get it.

The Actual Plucking Process

It is not an extremely difficult process but eyebrow contouring is something that is done by a professional. You want to get a good basic foundation of the shape of your eyebrows since you will be basing all the succeeding eyebrow contouring techniques from it.

eyebrow contouring

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1. The front of the eyebrow should be perfectly aligned with the nose’s upper bridge.

2. Eyebrow experts suggest filling in the eyebrows before plucking. This saves you the tendency to over pluck.

3. For the arch, it should be three-quarters from the nose bridge. Get a small ruler by all means because even experts do that to achieve perfection.

4. Always brush upward not sideward.  This uplifts the eyebrow and gives it volume.

5. Start plucking out those stray hairs around. Use slant-tipped tweezers for easier plucking. It is always safe to pluck underneath the eyebrow than above it.

6. Some experts do trim excess hairs but fact is that hair grows harsher when trimmed. Should there be a dire need to trim, use a spoolie brush to comb eyebrow in an upward manner and snip carefully.

The Contouring Process

Now that you have the best possible eyebrow shape for your face, let us start teaching you how to achieve perfect eyebrow contouring like the Hollywood celebrities but without the makeup artists.

1. You can choose to use an eyebrow pencil, powder, gel, or even tint to fill in those gaps in your eyebrows. Choose the shade nearest to the color of your eyebrow though. Begin from the center working your way outward then back to the beginning. Use light strokes to prevent overdoing it and looking like Ugly Betty instead.

2. Always go for the mirrored effect. This may mean stopping and checking your eyebrows out several times but this will give you the closest asymmetrical look.

3. Once you are satisfied with the eyebrow contouring that you have done, finish off with a bit of translucent powder to set it in and keep you looking fresh.

4. Never put any eyebrow pencil, powder, gel, or tint to an area where there is no actual hair. This would only highlight the difference.

eyebrow contouring

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5. When closing gaps, try to fill underneath as much as possible instead of through the brow. This will give your eyebrows a softer but perfectly shaded look.

Remember that your eyebrows are there to accentuate two of the most important features of your face. Create the perfect balance when eyebrow contouring for a beautiful but not exaggerated look.

No-Fuzz Tips on How to Care for Colored Hair

Whether you had your hair professionally colored or treated it yourself at home, it will eventually dry out. This is very common among chemically-treated hair. Because of this, every woman today must know how to care for colored hair. The coloring treatment almost always contains chemical that weakens the hair and makes it prone to dryness and damaged.

If you want the color of your hair to last longer, then the more you should know how to care for colored hair. Along with this, you have to prevent dryness and strengthen the hair to prevent split ends and falling hair. An extra amount of care can go a long way in making your color-treated hair healthy and frizz-free. Check out these no-fuzz tips on how to care for colored hair. These will truly make you feel more confident with your crowning glory.

how to care for colored hair

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Always use color-formulated products.

From shampoos to conditioners and up to leave-on moisturizers, make sure to carefully choose hair products that are especially designed for color-treated hair. The difference between hair products for normal hair is that they contain chemicals that may cause removal of the hair color while color-formulated products are carefully designed to be gentle and provide everything a color-treated hair needs.

Use a deep conditioning treatment or mask at least once a week.

Since it is normal for colored-treated hair to dry out faster, you should combat this by using a deep conditioner or moisturizing mask at least once a week. Make sure to follow the instructions especially noting the time you should leave it on your hair before rinsing.

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Hydrate yourself.

Just like our skin, our hair needs to be hydrated from the inside. Drink at least eight glasses of water and your skin and hair will have that healthy glow. Hair color stays longer if the hair is perfectly hydrated and moisturized.

Keep it moisturized.

It would be best if you can keep your hair hydrated on the inside and outside. This combination is one of the foolproof tips on how to care for colored hair.

Use moisturizing products for colored hair and apply it from root to the tips for complete nourishment and moisturizing. This also helps in keeping the color even all throughout.

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Keep your hands off as much as possible.

You must have totally fallen in love with your new hair color. You have been probably been quite obsessed with it and keep touching it especially in front of the mirror. Hair experts advise against this. Dirty hands actually damage the hair cuticles, which are the outermost part of the hair shaft which makes it frizzy and damaged.

Let your hair dry naturally.

We know you are busy and you want perfectly blow dried hair like you just got out of the salon each and every day.

The thing with blow drying is that it makes the hair porous and porous hair does not hold color well. This will make your hair lose its color faster than you would want. Let it dry as naturally as possible and simply spray on some leave-in conditioner for colored-treated hair instead.

For as long as you practice these simple tips on how to care for colored hair, you will do fine and maintain your healthy colored hair longer.



Footloose: Pamper Your Feet

Our feet are the parts of our bodies that are always on the go. When we stand, walk, and run, our feet are the first to face the friction. At the end of a long, tough day, our feet are in dire need of some pampering. Pamper your feet through a few simple home remedies.

pamper your feet

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Pampering your feet doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can pamper your feet without going to the spa daily. Pamper your feet at home; give your feet a well-deserved pedicure without hurting your wallet.

  • Clean your nails. Start with the basics. Pamper your feet by clipping your toe nails and cleaning out any dirt between them.
  • Exfoliate. You can do this during your bath, or have an entire session just for pampering your feet. Prepare a bowl of warm water, put your feet in, and start pampering your feet by scrubbing out the dead skin. For added measure, pamper your feet some more and soak it in crystal salts for extra cleansing and double relaxation.
  • Moisturize. Pamper your feet by applying moisturizers such as lotion on your feet daily. This will prevent them from drying and cracking up, especially the heels.
  • Massage. To get the best results out of pampering your feet, you can do some foot-massaging on yourself, or ask a very considerate friend or family member. This will relax your foot muscles and give your feet the pampering they deserve.
washing feet

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Keep your feet from smelling

It may not sound a lot like pampering your feet, but avoiding your feet from developing a stench is part of taking care of them. Our feet are the parts of our body which develop plenty of sweat and don’t get too much air, so it’s good to pamper your feet in that respect every now and then.

  • Wash your feet. Daily. Pamper your feet by cleaning and scrubbing them in the shower. Use the home pedicure advice above to give your feet a full pampering.
  • Put on foot powder. Pamper your feet and keep the smell away by putting on foot powder. This is especially important if you’ve noticed that your feet have begun to develop a smell already.
  • Wear socks. Pamper your feet with socks on shoes. Socks prevent blisters from forming on the feet, especially if you walk long distances daily, or are an athlete. They also prevent your feet from sweating too much and developing that stench.

pamper my feetFind the right shoes

The best way to pamper your feet is to make them feel comfortable. Finding the right shoe that you can both wear and look good in is pampering your feet at its finest.

Make sure to wear the right shoe for the proper occasion, but don’t compromise the feeling of comfort for the appearance of the shoe. If the shoe fits, pamper your feet with it.

Take a break

Your feet are just as stressed as you are, and probably more. You can pamper your feet by resting from moving around too much every now and then, and letting your muscles relax.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Easily

It is really bothersome to have chapped lips. It doesn’t just let you look bad, it could also cause pain especially when you’re eating. Salty and spices foods will not be as flavorful as they should if you have chapped lips. You may even want to stay away from these foods in the meantime.

Chapped lips are actually caused by extreme dryness and flaking of the lips. This happens usually because of the heat or substances that may cause dryness of the lips.

If you are wondering what are simple ways for treating and preventing chapped lips, then this is your lucky day. Here are simple tips on how to get rid of chapped lips easily:

lips and the sun

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Avoid too much heat and too much sunlight

Now that you know that too much heat or sunlight can cause dryness of the lips and eventually chapped lips, you should try to avoid it. You wouldn’t want to risk suffering the pain so you better avoid too much sunlight especially during dry or summer season.

Always drink plenty of water

It does not only quench your thirst but drinking plenty of water always help prevent chapped lips. Obviously, it helps in hydrating your lips to prevent it from drying up and cracking. Make sure you always get your eight glasses of water every day; more if it’s really hot and humid.

do not lick your chapped lips

Do not always lick your lips

Sometimes we can’t help it but lick our lips thinking doing so is sexy. However, we should realize that constant licking of the lips may actually cause chapped lips so we should avoid doing it. If you want to wet your lips, drink a glass of water instead.

Use lip balm

Lip balms come in many size and shapes now-a-days. You can even choose from different flavors. What it does is simple.

Because it is usually made of waxy or greasy substances it actually keeps moisture below or with the lips and prevents it from drying or turning into chapped lips.

apply lipstick

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Wear lipstick

This is of course a tip for females. To prevent dryness and cracking of the lips that leads to chapped lips one should always wear lipstick especially on hot days. It also prevents drying up and cracking and it provides moisture for the lips.

Be wary of the toothpaste or other oral hygiene products that you use

Do not use toothpaste and other oral hygiene products that have active ingredients that may cause dryness and cracking of the lips that would eventually result to chapped lips.  Make sure that what you use has mild ingredients especially that you have extra sensitive lips that is prone to cracking.

no spicy foods

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Avoid foods that may cause dryness of the lips

Like oral hygiene products, there are certain foods that can easily cause irritation or dryness to the lips. If you are prone to chapped lips, avoid eating too much spicy and salty foods. It wouldn’t help to enjoy eating so much only to suffer the consequence of chapped lips later.

Visit a doctor

If you think that your chapped lips are not healing well, even after you have applied the different solutions available you should go see a doctor. Irritation of the lips may actually indicate a more complicated problem other than chapped lips.

How You Can Save More from Makeup Sets

makeup sets

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It is no secret that high quality makeup today does not come cheap. In fact, buying them today is like an investment where you invest in all the good things to put on your face and you earn from the investment by looking as gorgeous as you can possibly be.

It also is a bit tedious to choose makeup one by one. Can you imagine choosing eye shadow colors one by one?  I think the eye shadows are the trickiest ones of all since women naturally buy lipsticks and blushes depending on their mood and which color is trending. Anyone who has bought a single makeup before knows how expensive it is compared to simply opting out for the makeup sets.

How Professionals Do This

Have you seen the makeup sets by your makeup artist? Are they not absolutely beautiful with all the colors and brushes? I know a lot of women gasping whenever they see gorgeous makeup sets and how they dream of owning one someday. However, this dream is hindered by most women not knowing which makeup set they should buy and of course, budget issues.

Let us deal with the budget issue first. We would say save up for a really good and complete makeup set rather than buying one at a time for a lengthy amount of time as you will probably end up spending more in this process. You also risk buying colors that does not really look good together.

However, you have to determine your makeup preference as well. Are you willing to try new bright and bold colors or do you want to stick with the safer colors? Once you know the answer to this question, then the faster you can decide on which to buy.

There are makeup palettes that feature a multitude of colors while there are simpler ones that feature a single color but in different shades. This type works best if you are fond of smoky eyes. Sets with blushers, bronzers, highlighters, and lip colors are common today. We like this because it lets women experiment on their own and figure out which colors look best on them.

makeup sets

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Now that you have the basic idea, let us go forward and share with you some of the factors that every woman must consider before purchasing makeup sets:

1. Choose high quality makeup sets.

Since you are basically buying a set that has every makeup you possibly need, it would be best to invest in high quality ones. It is way more practical for you to choose the ones that are not going to crack easily and therefore can last longer.

You also have to remember that you are going to put these kinds of stuff in your face. You surely do not want to risk having breakouts so choose hypoallergenic makeup sets as much as possible.

2. Consider the size of makeup sets.

There are makeup sets that come in various sizes. If you are the type who travels often, you might want to choose the sets that

come in travel size. But if you plan to just use them daily at home and you are already comfortable with the brand, then buy the large-sized ones because you will save more through that.

3. Check the ingredients.

makeup sets

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Just because they come in a set does not guarantee you of the right ingredients. For example, check the foundation, BB cream, or CC cream that comes with the set. Do you remember what we told you about dry, oily, and combination skin? It would be best to apply that here.

Makeup sets are actually practical, convenient, and beautiful. They always come in beautiful makeup kits that you can take anywhere you go. But the best thing about these is how color coordinated everything is. It definitely shortens makeup buying and research time.