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makeup sets

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It is no secret that high quality makeup today does not come cheap. In fact, buying them today is like an investment where you invest in all the good things to put on your face and you earn from the investment by looking as gorgeous as you can possibly be.

It also is a bit tedious to choose makeup one by one. Can you imagine choosing eye shadow colors one by one?  I think the eye shadows are the trickiest ones of all since women naturally buy lipsticks and blushes depending on their mood and which color is trending. Anyone who has bought a single makeup before knows how expensive it is compared to simply opting out for the makeup sets.

How Professionals Do This

Have you seen the makeup sets by your makeup artist? Are they not absolutely beautiful with all the colors and brushes? I know a lot of women gasping whenever they see gorgeous makeup sets and how they dream of owning one someday. However, this dream is hindered by most women not knowing which makeup set they should buy and of course, budget issues.

Let us deal with the budget issue first. We would say save up for a really good and complete makeup set rather than buying one at a time for a lengthy amount of time as you will probably end up spending more in this process. You also risk buying colors that does not really look good together.

However, you have to determine your makeup preference as well. Are you willing to try new bright and bold colors or do you want to stick with the safer colors? Once you know the answer to this question, then the faster you can decide on which to buy.

There are makeup palettes that feature a multitude of colors while there are simpler ones that feature a single color but in different shades. This type works best if you are fond of smoky eyes. Sets with blushers, bronzers, highlighters, and lip colors are common today. We like this because it lets women experiment on their own and figure out which colors look best on them.

makeup sets

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Now that you have the basic idea, let us go forward and share with you some of the factors that every woman must consider before purchasing makeup sets:

1. Choose high quality makeup sets.

Since you are basically buying a set that has every makeup you possibly need, it would be best to invest in high quality ones. It is way more practical for you to choose the ones that are not going to crack easily and therefore can last longer.

You also have to remember that you are going to put these kinds of stuff in your face. You surely do not want to risk having breakouts so choose hypoallergenic makeup sets as much as possible.

2. Consider the size of makeup sets.

There are makeup sets that come in various sizes. If you are the type who travels often, you might want to choose the sets that

come in travel size. But if you plan to just use them daily at home and you are already comfortable with the brand, then buy the large-sized ones because you will save more through that.

3. Check the ingredients.

makeup sets

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Just because they come in a set does not guarantee you of the right ingredients. For example, check the foundation, BB cream, or CC cream that comes with the set. Do you remember what we told you about dry, oily, and combination skin? It would be best to apply that here.

Makeup sets are actually practical, convenient, and beautiful. They always come in beautiful makeup kits that you can take anywhere you go. But the best thing about these is how color coordinated everything is. It definitely shortens makeup buying and research time.

anti aging face cream

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Just because you don’t own the face that will launch a thousand ships, doesn’t mean you should take care of your skin less. We have to take care of our skin especially in the face basically because it is one of the major parts of body that we present to other people every day unless we are practicing the religion that forbids exposure of it.

Hormones, pollution and unhygienic practices are among those of the major factors that contribute to the damaging of our facial skin. It takes a habit to be able to take care of our skin and it entails eating the right kind of foods and getting enough sleep to do it.

When it comes to taking care of our face, aging is a major issue. Surely, you must have noticed that everybody gets old and the aging process brings about a lot of changes to our face which mostly will not be very pleasant to the sight. Fine lines and wrinkles will come out like a sign post as we age. The skin will eventually become rough and will have uneven pigmentation.

Since we live in a world where advanced cosmetic technology is just around the corner, we have plenty of options when it comes to maintaining that glowing and youthful looks. However, most of these options will be too costly and may sometimes be too painful. For some, it’s not worth it.

It’s a great thing that there are anti aging face creams that can do the job for you painless but may take more effort and more time before ideal results can be achieved.

anti aging creams

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If you think these creams are all the same, then think again. Obviously, there are a lot of anti aging face creams in the market. The problem is how to choose the best one.

Here are some simple things to consider in buying an anti aging face cream:

1. Know your skin type

An anti aging face cream should help you maintain a youthful look. It should not cause harm or damage to your aging skin so make sure that you are aware of the active ingredients in the cream that you buy and make sure that you are not allergic to it.

2. Go for value over price

Trusted and more effective brands are usually more expensive but it should not be a reason to go for cheaper ones that are not effective and a total waste of money and time. Make sure that you go for value over price.

3. Go for organic and natural ones.

If you know nothing about natural anti-aging plants or herbs and you are too tired to concoct your own anti-aging mixture, it wouldn’t hurt if you choose those anti-aging creams that are organic. Organic cosmetics are usually of higher quality and with fewer side effects.

4. Be consistent and maintain one product.

Do not go from one anti aging face cream to another. Be patient with the results. It may take a longer period of time for those wrinkles to fade or those fine lines to disappear. Just be consistent with its use and you’ll be surprised with the results.

anti aging face cream

Photo credits to tagawayreviews.com

5. Don’t forget to see your doctor and seek professional advice.

Your doctor can recommend the anti aging face cream that is best for you. Do not be too much of a miss-know-it-all. You should know the risk of using these creams that have active ingredients.

Always seek professional advice before doing anything. Remember prevention is better than cure especially that it’s your skin we are talking about here.

skin care for men

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It has always been said that “Men are from Mars and Women and from Venus”. This is in fact true in more ways than one. From attitude to principles to reactions and even in skin, women and men do differ greatly. Have you ever wondered why skin care manufacturers have a separate line for men and women? It is because they have different skin needs.

Oiliness is probably the one of the few things that men and women have in common. However, this is not a good thing as it paves way to acne breakouts and makes the face disgusting to look and to hold. We have also noticed men’s common problems are mainly oily skin and breakouts. We have yet seen a man suffer from extremely dry skin except for those who have undergone tremendous facial care treatments and are applying a lot of skin drying products.

Men are known to have a carefree attitude with regards to their skin. They take it for granted and most are a bit shy to purchase skin care products even those that are specifically formulated for men. Common scenario here is that the girlfriends or wives are the ones buying them the products.

Today, this scenario is changing a bit as statistics has it that men now spend around $28 billion for their grooming needs as opposed to women who spend around $91 billion. While it is still a mere fraction of what women spend, it is a good thing that men are somehow getting out of their shells with regard to skin care.

There are men who simply do not care about their skin and there are men who simply do not know where to start. For those men who do not care, it is high time for rethinking. You surely do not want to be the only one if the group with breakouts at the age of 30, right? So here are more reasons for you to take care of your oily skin:

  • You skin is important for your career and personal life.
  • Easier shaving with less ingrown hairs.
  • Fewer to no breakouts at all.
  • Looking good most, if not all of the time.
  • Less scarring.

For those men who have no idea on what to do, here are some valuable tips on properly taking care of your skin:

oily skin care for men 1

Photo courtesy of dovemencare.com

1. Brave your way to the skin care section. You probably have seen the men’s skin care section a dozen times but have been totally avoiding it. Muster the courage and buy these – cleanser and moisturizer for oily face. Men’s skin care products are simple and easy to understand as compared to the dozens of women’s skin care stuff on the shelves.

Get help from your girlfriend or wife in picking out stuff. If you are brave enough, you can opt for a mattifier as well.

2. Do not overdo it. Men are naturally impatient. Chances are you cannot wait for the oiliness to disappear that you start loading up on harsh cleansers and toners. Be very careful because you do not want to make your skin dry because it will only get matters worse.

Oiliness takes some time to fully disappear. You have to religiously cleanse, moisturize, and eat all the right foods. If acne gets in your way and acne products are not of any help, seek the help of a dermatologist as acne in men tend to be harder to treat once it is full blown.

3. Moisturize. We say this to everyone regardless of gender. Oil and moisture are two different things and must never be interchanged. For oily skin, choose water-based moisturizers that will not inhibit more oil production while keeping the skin moisturized.

oily skin care for men

Photo Credits to lindarcybeauty.com

4. Do not do steroids. Are you trying to build more muscle? Do not fall into the steroid trap as most men do. Steroids are famous for inhibiting oil production which paves way for acne breakouts. Remember that as it may help your muscle grow, it will also make your pores bigger, thereby, letting more oil out in the open.

5. Eat healthy. Great looking skin does not happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and discipline. In order for you to see better results, you have to eat healthy as well. Remember that good skin starts from the inside.

Men should never be afraid to take proper care of their oily skin. In fact, this is a necessity. Get out of the veil of old traditions and embrace the modern world today. Taking better care of yourself and your skin would not make you less of the man that you are.

organic cosmetics

Photo courtesy of natural-organic-cosmetics.com

Since society tends to have some standards in terms of physical beauty, it becomes a little bit difficult as not everyone of us is born with those physical features that are deemed attractive or beautiful.  This is why a lot of people especially those in their teenage years easily succumb to having low self-esteem or worse suffer depression.

The good thing about all this is that despite having such standards in physical beauty people have also created ways which may be artificial at times but would help in achieving their desired appearance. There are already hundreds of beauty clinics around the world that offers procedures to enhance or improve anybody’s physical appearance. However, these procedures may be too extreme, too costly and may involve surgeries that not everyone approves of.

Cosmetics or make-up is the next best thing to these procedures. Somehow, these are already acceptable ways of enhancing ones physical appearance. Wearing make-up is no longer extra-ordinary. In fact, it’s so usual that for ladies it is a mark of sophistication and professionalism when you put some make-up on. Hence, the growth of a billion dollar cosmetics industry was made possible.


It seems like any possible make-up that you could think of to enhance your appearance is already available at your local stores from lipsticks, to eyeliners and even extensions for the lashes. The problem now is that because of this proliferation you have to be careful which cosmetic products to choose. You are no longer sure whether the make-up that you are buying is free from chemicals which may cause irritations to your skin.

They say that one certain way to avoid getting skin irritation is by choosing organic cosmetic products. These are make-up products that do not contain harmful chemicals or have components that are from natural sources such as plant or flower extracts which were not harvested through the use of synthetic chemical compounds.

Organic stamp

Photo courtesy of thegreenchemistconsultancy.com

organic cosmetics

Photo courtesy of health-report.co.uk

For a more specific definition of organic make-up products, here are some simple facts about organic cosmetics:

  • Substantial amount of the ingredients must be organic or at least 95%;
  • Organic cosmetic products do not contain harmful chemicals or those that are toxic to the environment;
  • The original qualities of the organic raw materials are preserved in the process of creating organic make-up products;
  • There are no or little change in the composition of the organic raw materials even after the processing of the organic make-up products;
  • No animal testing has been done for the organic make-up products;
  • Raw materials that comes from vertebrate animals must only be collected from living ones which are raised the organic ways;
  • No raw material for the organic cosmetics must come from genetically-modified sources;
  • The production of organic make-up products are also centered on the idea that consumers are safe after using it.
  • The label of the product must explicitly say that it is organic and must have complete information about its ingredients; and
  • It must be certified by agencies that accredits organic products.

Sleek Makeup has truly made a name for itself within its 20 years in the beauty industry. It has evolved from being just a regular drugstore brand to one of the most-loved cosmetic brands. Now, it is considered a high street brand that gives high-end cosmetic brands a run for their money with cheaper prices but the same high quality products.


Photo courtesy of beautylish.co

With their goal of making every beauty trend available for all, Sleek Makeup reached out to everyone through their affordable but high quality products. They successfully ended up getting the attention of everyone regardless of any status. More than just their cheaper price, consumers felt their dedication to make every woman feel beautiful with a product that could very well be their second skin.

From single blushes to lip glosses and up to more complicated palettes, Sleek Makeup has something to suit each and every one. Here is a quick review on two of their most popular products:

The Blush On


Photo courtesy of indyabeauty.com

Sleek Makeup currently has 1a shades of highly pigmented blushers that create a subtle but radiant glow. It suits all skin types and tones but the Rose Gold blusher is the most being talked about today. This might be due to its unmistakable similarity with Nars Orgasm Blush as far as color and effect goes but different in the way that Sleek Makeup is cheaper making it the more practical choice.

Blushers by Sleek Makeup have tiny golden shimmers that the naked eye can easily see. Matte-lovers need not to worry because this blush produces just the right amount of shine without making you end up with a disco ball on your cheeks. Instead, expect a healthy and rosy glow that can be achieved by simply swirling the brush once on the blusher. Below is the list of all the colors available:

  • Sahara
  • Pomegranate
  • Antique
  • Flushed
  • Sunrise
  • Pixie Pink
  • Coral
  • Life’s A Peach
  • Flamingo
  • Rose Gold
  • Suede
sleek blush sugar

Photo courtesy of mywomenstuff.com

Another Sleep Makeup favorite is the Blush by 3. This palette features three different shades. There are some with shimmer while others are matte. This gives users the option of layering them or using alone.

Sugar is the least pigmented among the blush palettes while Flame is the most pigmented. Pink Sprint is the only pure matte palette.

You will find a palette to match your skin tone and really get the best out of your purchase. You will also perfectly complement your skin tone and can easily stand out from the crowd with a well put together makeup.

Here is the complete list of blush palettes:

  • Flame
  • Californ.I.A.
  • Pink Sprint
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pumpkin
  • Lace
  • Sugar
  • Sweet Cheeks

The Lipsticks

sleek-makeup lipstick

Photo courtesy of thesundaygirl.com

Sleek Makeup has released only one version of lipstick – the True Colour Lipstick. However, this quickly captured the hearts of lipstick addicts with its ability to produce high impact lips. They are highly pigmented yet contain the right amount of vitamin E to make the lips hydrated, supple, and soft and prevent flakiness.

Are you a fan of MAC lippies? If so, then you will fall in love just the same with these Sleek Makeup True Colour Lippies that burst in color and richness just the same way with high end brands but at an amazingly cheaper price. That’s a wise beauty shopper!

Here is the complete list of True Colour Lipstick colors:

  • Candy Cane
  • O.M.G.
  • Bare All
  • Mulberry
  • Amped
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Naked
  • Stiletto
  • Baby Doll
  • Fuchsia
  • Papaya Punch
  • Liqueur
  • Vamp
  • Heart Breaker
  • Coral Reef
  • Cherry
  • Mystic
  • Barely There
  • Vixen
  • Pink Freeze

Sleek Makeup has a lot of new products that you will surely love like lip glosses, face contour kits, eye makeups, and even makeup brushes. The brand has truly proved to be more than just a drugstore cosmetic product that people pick when they are left with no choice. Today, Sleek Makeup shares a big part of UK and US makeup consumers.

Buy Into The BB Cream Craze!

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bb cream

Courtesy of stylelist.ca

BB Cream may mean ‘Blemish Balm’ but that doesn’t mean you need to have blemishes to appreciate the wonderful effects of this product. It gained popularity in South Korea because of a host of K-Pop stars that swore that it was their miracle cream.

Here are some facts about BB Cream before you get to know the different brands that carry it:

• BB Cream was made more than 50 years ago as a way to help restore skin after a skin peeling process. It was also used to hide redness and scars after treatment.

• The reason why people all over the world are crazy about BB Cream is because it’s an all-in-one product that you can wear and not need any other foundation, concealer, or moisturizer.

• It’s able to protect you against the sun’s harmful rays while moisturizing, soothing, priming, and providing full coverage.

• Most people also apply moisturizer before applying BB Cream to make sure it really glides on naturally.

• There are typically just one or two shades of BB Cream so people with darker skin tones need to mix it with foundation.

Now that you know a bit about BB Cream, take a look at the different kinds available:

Hanskin’s Night Magic BB Cream

  • Hanskin was the first Korean brand to make it big with BB Cream.
  • This BB Cream is made with chamomile and black garlic.
  • This is also used as a BB Cream for daytime use!
  • Great for combination type skin.

Tony Moly’s Aqua Aura Moisture BB Cream

  • This is great for people with dry skin because it’s formulated with moisture essence.
  • It acts like a moisturizing cream that provides medium coverage without the stickiness.
  • This is free of benzophenone, mineral oils, and animal products.
  • Shades available are light beige and natural beige.

The Face Shop’s Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream

  • Oily skin shouldn’t stop you from seeing the effects of BB Creams! The Face Shop’s Clean Face Oil Free product is great for this skin type.
  • It has tea tree oil and chamomile so oily skin is balanced and redness is reduced.
  • This product is oil free so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores.

Etude House’s AC Clinic Daily Sun BB Cream

  • This BB Cream is very popular for those with troubled skin.
  • Regardless of your skin type—dry, oily, combination, or sensitive—this BB cream will work well for you.
two women skin care
two women skin care

Courtesy of weheartit

Most people these days don’t have enough time for oneself because of their demanding careers. Much of their time has been taken on other activities that taking care of their own skin becomes too time-consuming for them.

Skin care is very important as it reflects how your health is doing. It is no secret that when it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. The same holds true to your skin.

If you want to always look young and fresh as always, it would be best that you take necessary steps in preserving your youthful glow.

Here are some simple tips on how to keep your skin in good condition:

Be Careful When Using Soaps

Unless you have oily skin, soaps are not really necessary to get your skin refreshed. Water alone can do the cleaning, except on your face, underarms and groin where you really need to wash it off with soap.

But if you really want to use soap in cleansing your body, make sure that you use those that are hypoallergenic or if you want to use fragrant soaps, just ensure that you use the type that goes well with your skin type. The use of soap will make your skin dry, sag and make it look older over time.

Smoking can Cause Wrinkles

smoker aging wrinkles

Courtesy of Planet eCigarette

If you think that you are relieved from stress when you smoke, you got it wrong! Sure thing it may provide you with temporary nostalgia but the long-term effect of it is really not compensating.

One of its ill-effects is wrinkles. Try observing people, who smoke, they usually have deep-set wrinkles commonly found around their mouth. Your skin becomes dehydrated as well and will look dull. And at times, you’ll look older than what you are supposed to be.

Protect your Skin through Sunscreen

Use sunscreen every day, it keeps your skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 gives you broad spectrum protection from the Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

There are a lot of products now in the market that offer such sunscreen and even offers other skin care features which gives you full coverage on your skin in just one application. There are skin care products that offer UVB and UVA protection while moisturizing your skin.

Eat Healthy

skin diet

Courtesy of Self.com

You are what you eat, as they say. Apparently this holds true. No matter how many applications you place on your skin, the natural appearance of skin will eventually show. If you are eating healthy, you’ll surely have a healthy, glowing appearance.

Never Forget to Hydrate

In connection to eating healthy, you should frequently hydrate your skin. It removes the toxins inside your body and keeps it glowing at the same time.

The key here is, if you want to look good and presentable all the time, give yourself some “me” time. It sure won’t take a big toll on your hectic schedule, right?

Makeup 101: Applying an Eyeliner

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Makeup is indeed helpful in enhancing the beauty of a woman. Moreover, it also boosts the confidence of a woman wearing it. For most part, an eye makeup plays the biggest part. One of the components of an eye makeup is applying eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliners

types of eyeliner

Courtesy of Skin Care To

There are different types of eyeliners: pencil, liquid/gel and shadow.

  • Pencil eyeliners are the most common and easiest to use. The downside however is that it doesn’t stay long, which requires you to apply it again and again all through the day.
  • Liquid eyeliners help you get a dramatic look. It really enhances your look and helps to focus the overall makeup on your eyes. However, applying it requires practice.
  • Shadow eyeliners on the other hand is an eyeliner application using a brush or an applicator. The good thing about this type of eyeliner is that it creates a creative look on your eyes.

Eyeliner Application

applying eyeliner

Courtesy of The Examiner

When choosing eyeliner, choose the ones that is suited based on your skill of putting an eyeliner.

If you are a beginner, it is better that you choose the traditional ones first until you enhanced your skills in putting eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners, as you know require skill in doing so.

1. Using Pencil Eyeliner – If you opt for pencil eyeliner, you have to prepare things first. Sharpen your pencil. Make sure that the tip of the pencil is blunt so it won’t hurt your eyelids.

A sharp point is potentially dangerous to your eyes especially if you are using it for the first time as it might poke your eye or any area on your eyes. Remember as well that applying eyeliner for the first time is quite uncomfortable.

Start your eyeliner application on the lower part of your lids then on the upper part. In doing so, line it from the middle of your eye. If you want to create a theatrical look, encircle your eye with the liner. Apply the liner from the center of your lids using an outward stroke. It would be best if you create an imaginary line so that you can easily apply the line on your lids.

If you want to create a smoky look, smudge the outer corners of your eyes after your applied your pencil eyeliner. Smudging doesn’t mean smudging it entirely off, you don’t want to look trashy, right?

2. Using Liquid Eyeliner – Start lining the inner corner of your eye in a one big sweep. If you don’t want this kind of technique, you can start from the middle then sweep it out and then finish it from the inner corner towards the middle. The latter technique is much easier if you are just starting out.

3. Using Shadow Eyeliner – Blending is the key here. First, prepare your primer or your base to keep your eyelids free from oil. Start applying your eyeliner from the inner corner outward. Make the middle line thicker than the edges. Top the application with a well-blended eyeshadow of dark hues and light colors.